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Practical Azure SQL Database for Modern Developers

Practical Azure SQL Database for Modern Developers: a book to learn how to take advantage of the all the breakthrough technologies available in Azure SQL like columnstore, in-memory lock-free tables, row-level-security, graph and geospatial support to create modern, scalable and secure applications.

Developing in the cloud with SQL Server Big Data Clusters: Run and Monitor Apps

As the last part of the series of working with big data analytics solutions in Kubernetes, we learned about how to work with cloud-native applications with BDC. Operating and testing are also essential parts as an enterprise-grade solution. This article will walk you through how to run and monitoring apps to SQL Server Big Data Clusters (...

Developing in the cloud with SQL Server Big Data Clusters: Develop and Deploy Apps

Kubernetes is designed to support an open platform to support a diverse variety of containerized workloads including both stateless and stateful and data-processing workloads. Technically any application can be containerized, it can be up and running in Kubernetes. As a cloud-native platform, Kubernetes is available to deploy cloud-native ...

DevOps for Azure SQL

DevOps is a broad term with multiple technology and process options at hand. Read this post for an overview of what DevOps for Azure SQL means, and review some options for tools and processes to use.