Announcing iOS App Extension and watchOS Support in Visual Studio App Center

Nilofer Rajpurkar [MSFT]

Take your apps to the next level with app extensions and watchOS support on Visual Studio App Center! App extensions empower your app to deliver rich experiences and provide powerful functionality throughout the OS where the user wants it most. Without even opening the app itself, users can access core content and functionality to enable custom tasks, features, or services while they interact with other parts of the system. Whether you want to add a widget to the Today screen, create new photo editing tools directly in the Camera app, or bring your app to the Apple Watch, App Center is excited to continue enabling developers to create amazing mobile experiences.

Getting Started

After connecting your iOS app repository to App Center, head over to the build configuration to get started. Select your project and then enable ‘Signed Builds’.

App Center will automatically detect any watchOS or app extension targets in the project and provide fields to upload the certificate and provisioning profiles required. After that, simply click ‘Save & Build’ to start building your app!

Note: App extension and watchOS support is currently limited to native iOS and React Native projects.

For more info, click to learn more about App Extensions and learn more about watchOS.


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    How does AppCenter build detect ios extensions? I have added a project to appcenter, but the extension is not detected. For testing purposes, I changed the “IsAppExtension” tag inside the csproj file and the project (that is not an extension) has been detected as extension and I could upload provisioning files. On the extension project, the tag ist set too, but it is not detected as ios extension, thus I can’t upload provisioning file.

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