The Xamarin Show: Exploring Awesome Xamarin & Visual Studio Features

James Montemagno

Each week on The Xamarin Show we explore the latest and greatest in Xamarin development by looking at new features built into Visual Studio, build native cross-platform user interfaces with Xamarin.Forms, and access to native APIs with Xamarin.Essentials. I am also joined by Xamarin experts that show off the awesome beautiful libraries and applications they are building with Xamarin. No matter what type of development you are into there is surely something for you over on The Xamarin Show. This week, I wanted to feature a few “Snack Pack” episodes that show off an awesome feature in under 10 minutes!

Simplified iOS Provisioning in Visual Studio with fastlane

Deploying your iOS application to your device from Visual Studio 2017 has never been easier with our automatic provisioning with fastlane and Wi-Fi deployment!

Xamarin.Forms Animations

On this episode, I am joined by Matthew Soucoup, Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft, to explore the awesome animations that are built right into Xamarin.Forms.

Xamarin.Essentials – Cross-Platform APIs for Mobile Apps

Accessing native APIs when building apps with Xamarin is a breeze with Xamarin.Essentials that offers over 30 cross-platform native APIs for developers building apps for iOS, Android, and UWP.

More Xamarin Show

Every week a brand new episode of the Xamarin Show on Channel 9 is available for your viewing pleasure. Head over to the show page, where you’ll find more episodes across a broad range of topics, and make sure to subscribe so you’ll receive notifications of future episodes, which will cover Custom Vision, Azure Cognitive Services, App Translations, App Center, and more!


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