Xamarin Podcast: It’s a Brand New Decade!

Matt Soucoup

Keeping up with the latest in .NET, C#, Xamarin, and Azure is easier than ever. Co-hosts Matt Soucoup and James Montemagno cover a range of topics relevant to Xamarin developers from designing mobile apps to identity management. It’s a new decade, and in this inaugural pod of the roaring 20s, James and Matt cover some holidays hacks, and new features of Xamarin.Essentials!

Xamarin Podcast: It's a Brand New Decade  

A New Decade Means…

A brand new version of Xamarin.Essentials! Well, a brand new pre-release of Xamarin.Essentials – and this one brings some sweet goodness to detect whether your users’ device is running a dark theme or not. And a smoking permissions API!

The holiday season just wrapped up, so James and Matt also talk about their holiday hacks. And did you see the Santa Talk Challenge that was run in December (of the last decade)? Matt gives you the rundown of some very cool submissions where people created intelligent serverless Xamarin applications harnessing the power of Azure!

James and Matt also run down the latest in Xamarin news, including new articles on getting the most out of XAML Hot Reload, Android App Bundles, and the best videos and blog posts of 2019.

Matt puts his head in the clouds to talk about the latest on gRPC and Azure Service Bus too.

Plus the Azure Service of the Month and the Pick of the Pod!

As always, get yourself some free Azure here!

Of course, last but not least… the Pick of the Pod!! Be sure to download this episode from your favorite podcast app.

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