Xamarin Invades Channel 9

James Montemagno

channel-9-logo Channel 9 is an amazing resource for developers featuring a plethora of video shows, blogs, and developer resources. While Channel 9 has always been primarily Microsoft technology focused, Xamarin has recently been featured on multiple shows highlighting the awesome ways to create beautiful native cross platform mobile apps powered by C#.

Last week I kicked off a four part series on Visual Studio Toolbox, a show focused on being productive in Visual Studio, showcasing creating Android and iOS apps inside of Visual Studio with Xamarin. Part 1 focused on an introduction to Xamarin and how to get up and running inside of Visual Studio. I create a simple cross platform application and demonstrate how to start sharing code immediately on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Part 2 takes is a step further to highlight how to leverage portable class libraries to create a single assembly that is shared on all platforms.

The final parts of the series will launch in March so stay tuned for those.

The invasion didn’t stop there though as Xamarin’s Mike Bluestein took center stage on Dev Radio for a fire side chat about all things Xamarin and our unique approach to create cross platform native apps in C#:

Subscribe and check back often to these shows and others on Channel 9 for more great Xamarin showcases.


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