Xamarin Welcomes iOS 7.1, with Day One Support!

Miguel de Icaza

We are excited to announce that we have just released our support for all of the new APIs introduced iOS 7.1, which Apple just released today. We have shipped same day support for iOS since iOS 5, enabling developers to add the latest features to their iOS apps immediately.

When you dive into the APIs of iOS 7.1 you will notice that there is new support for External Media Players, which introduces a few new classes such as MPPlayableContentManager to control interactions between your app and external media players. Additionally, you will find MPContentItem, MPRemoteCommand, and MPRemoteCommandEvent along with a few other classes to assist you in connecting to external media players. OpenGL ES has also been updated with added support for automatic multithreading by simply setting the IsMultiThreaded property to true after creating your EAGLContext.

You can browse our entire API change log and release notes to find out the latest features released today with Xamarin.iOS 7.2 and the new iOS 7.1 APIs. Also, be sure to update your version of XCode to 5.1 available from the App Store.


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