Announcing the Xamarin.Forms Book Second Preview Edition!

Craig Dunn

Creating-Mobile-Apps-with-Xamarin-FormsSince Xamarin Evolve 2014, we’ve received fantastic feedback on the first Preview Edition of Charles Petzold’s Creating Mobile Apps with Xamarin.Forms, so we’re excited to announce that we’re making a Second Preview available for download.

The book has been updated to incorporate feedback from the first preview, as well as to include the latest features from Xamarin.Forms 1.3. Readers will notice a substantial re-organization of the book and additional XAML content that was not in the first preview.

The following chapters are available for download today:

Chapter 1. How Does Xamarin.Forms Fit In?

Chapter 2. Anatomy of an App

Chapter 3. Deeper into Text

Chapter 4. Scrolling the Stack

Chapter 5. Dealing with Sizes

Chapter 6. Button Clicks

Chapter 7. XAML vs. Code

Chapter 8. Code and XAML in Harmony

And there are many more chapters still to come! We will be updating the download page every week or so with a new chapter until the book is complete and we move into the final editing and publishing phase.

We hope you enjoy the second preview chapters as they become available. For more Xamarin.Forms content, check out the Developer Center.


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