300 Components and Counting

Bill Holmes

Add some awesome to your app with a component from the Component Store!Since launching in early 2013, the Xamarin Component Store has been a big hit, and today we are happy to announce that we have over 300 components ready to integrate into your apps from directly within Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio.

Tons of Functionality

The community has been hard at work building incredibly useful components, complete with high-quality documentation and samples designed to make app development with Xamarin a snap. Each day, amazing partners like Microsoft, Couchbase, Salesforce, and SAP come onboard to make adding functionality from their solutions into your native mobile apps as easy as possible.

Emerging Devices

Google GlassWe’ve also extended Xamarin’s C# story to many emerging platforms, including Google Glass, Monkey.Robotics, Google Cast, Amazon Fire TV, and Fire OS.

Plugins for Xamarin

plugin_icon_nugetWe are pleased to introduce a new section to the Component Store, Plugins, a special kind of NuGet that adds cross-platform functionality or abstracts platform specific functionality to a common API. There you will find our most popular cross-platform plugins, such as Settings, Vibrate, Geolocator, and more. In addition, you will find a hand curated list of plugins on the Plugins for Xamarin GitHub page.

Unified API Support

In addition to all of these great new components, we also wanted to give you an update on existing components and Unified API support for iOS. We have worked closely with our amazing Xamarin Component developer community to update the vast majority of our iOS components to support our new Unified API, and are actively working with all of our component publishers to reach 100% coverage in the near future.

Build and Submit Components

It has never been a better time to build and submit your very own library to the Xamarin Component Store. The Component Store is a great way to promote the hard work that you have put into your libraries and supply developers with a great experience getting started. Be sure to read our full component store submission documentation on how get started. If you already have a NuGet package be sure to read through our brand new Component + NuGet packaging documentation, which now allows you bundle your NuGet and dependencies directly into your Component.

Get Started Using Components

With the help of the Component Store, you can have a gorgeous, functional app in minutes. From user interface and design to the backend services that power your app, the Component Store has it all. If you’re not sure where to get started, we’ve made it even faster to start building with components by including start up guides and working samples reviewed by Xamarin’s Components Team. Head over to the Components Store today to get started!

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