Hacktoberfest 2019 – Xamarin Edition

David Ortinau

Before we have even announced rewards for your contributions, twelve pull requests appeared on the Xamarin.Forms repository with the gloriously golden hacktoberfest label. Whether you are coding for cotton or from the depths of your love for Xamarin, let’s up the ante. Here are some guidelines and guidance to get you started.

The Rewards

All rewards are stackable, so if you want to go all out, you’ll be receiving a rather large bounty this harvest season.

Description How Many Pull Requests
Hacktoberfest Prize 1 Trophies – submit 10 quality pull requests, and you’ll be eligible to earn a limited edition glass trophy while supplies last. 10
Hacktoberfest Prize 2 Xamarin T-Shirts – submit 4 or more quality pull requests and we’ll give you the shirt off our backs…ok, not literally. We have beautiful Xamarin shirts in your size just waiting to ship anywhere in the world. 4
Hacktoberfest Prize 3 Stickers – submit 1 or more pull requests we’ll have a colorful array of Xamagon stickers in the post to you faster than you can explain async/await to a perl developer. 1




The Rules

  1. The issue you resolve via pull request needs to be an approved item of work in order to count towards rewards.
  2. Fixing typos, “README”s and similar documents are welcome contributions, but will NOT count towards rewards.
  3. All pull requests must be submitted before November 1st.
  4. Questions? Just ask! Most all of our teams has a Gitter channel. Mention me and I’ll make sure to get you a response (@davidortinau).

What is a quality pull request? Anything that substantially improves the quality of the product. It should be more than fixing typos.

What is an approved item of work? Any open “bug” issue that has been verified, or enhancement spec that has some indication it is approved. If you have any question, just ask.

The Repositories

Any and all Xamarin repositories are fair game! Pull requests will be auto-tagged with the hacktoberfest label on the Xamarin.Forms repository. Feel free to add a comment that your pull request should be considered for a hacktoberfest reward, and we’ll make sure to label them for you. Here are quick links for “up for grabs” and “good first issue” issues to get you started:

The Registration

Register here to participate and your details to ship our bounty.




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