Introducing the DevOps for Mobile Video Series

James Montemagno

The entire Xamarin team and community have produced and published some amazing Xamarin content on the Xamarin Developers YouTube. Each week, find new videos of all topics to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in mobile development with Xamarin. One topic that developers have been asking for is DevOps for mobile apps. James has teamed up with good friend, Abel Wang, the DevOps expert. They have created an eight-part series covering all things DevOps for mobile developers. Tackling a wide range of topics including continuous integration, user interface testing, provisioning, distribution, and more! Be guided through each topic with easy to follow demos and more importantly, with conversations around each area of DevOps.

We just launched the first two episodes on Channel 9. As well as on the new .NET Developers YouTube channel!

What is DevOps?

In this episode, we discuss what exactly is DevOps when it comes to mobile development. Like the unique challenges that mobile developers have to overcome. As well as tools and services from Microsoft provide a full end to end solution for developers.

Source Control & App Center Build

Here, we show how Visual Studio can manage your source code with Azure DevOps, GitHub, or any other git repository. Also walking through the set up of the developer build for iOS and Android inside of App Center.

More to Come

Throughout the month more episodes will be released on Channel 9 and YouTube, so be sure to subscribe to the series.


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  • Ingwe Land 0

    Thanks for the videos. It would be nice if you can cover how to achieve white-labeling with DevOps (similar to what is done in following article )

    • Will Fawthrop 0

      One approach we are doing is to associate all branding aka labeling to a theme. You can then ingest an environment build variable from app center that can set the theme. We also can toggle features on and off based on other environment variables set for a build via app center. This allows us to quickly rebrand the same app with a different look and feel and functionality.

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