Tom Opgenorth

Tom is a long-life learner with a long time interest in technology, but has been very focused on Android for the past few years. Originally trained as a software developer, his career has involved many of the sub-disciplines that make up computer programming. He started with Android back in 2009 with the Google ADP1, and joined Xamarin docs team in late 2011. While at Xamarin, he diligently worked on the Xamarin.Android and Xamarin Test Cloud docs. Tom currently lives near Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

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Securing network traffic with TLS 1.2

Secure and encrypted network communications are a crucial part of mobile application development. Without some kind of security around the communication layer, it is trivial for a third party to eavesdrop and tamper with the messages between the client and the server. If protecting the data being transmitted is important, then some kind of cryptography must be involved to protect both the sender and the receiver from malicious eyes.

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