Jonathan Peppers

Principal Software Engineer, .NET Android

I used to build apps in C#. Now build *tools* to build apps in C#. Engineer on the .NET Android / .NET MAUI team.

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Profiling Xamarin.Android Startup

Measure, optimize, and fine-tune the performance of your Android apps build with Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms with these tips and tricks using great tools.

Introducing Boots: Streamline Xamarin Continuous Integration

Introducing Boots: a .NET Global Tool for installing .vsix or .pkg files and specific builds of Mono, Xamarin, etc. on CI systems.

Optimize your Xamarin.Android Builds

When debugging, your project has a single, simple goal: build fast. In day-to-day development, we want you writing code with the bulk of your time, not waiting for builds. Learn more about how to optimize build times!

Faster Xamarin.Android Builds & Smaller Dex Files

One of our current focus areas in Xamarin.Android is build performance and reducing the multidex count. Developer productivity is directly impacted by the "inner dev loop": the time it takes to make a small code change and see the result on a device or emulator. Performance is a feature!

GlideX For Fast Images on Android

Unlock the power of Glide with “GlideX”: a simple library to swap-in Glide’s image loading implementation in-place of what Xamarin.Forms ships in the box.

Android’s D8 dexer and R8 shrinker

Learn more about Xamarin.Android’s D8 and R8 integration and deep dive on how R8 is being developed for Xamarin.Android and D8 as the next-generation DEX compiler to speed up and shrink Android apps.