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Mads Kristensen

A new live broadcast directly from the Visual Studio team (my garage to be exact) is now streaming near you every Thursday morning. It’s about everything Visual Studio and you get rare insights into the inner workings of features, processes, and the people that make it all happen. This is like being in the machine room and you get to see and hear it all.

One of the ideas with the show is to provide some help, tips and tricks for working from home. That’s why the first episode is about acclimating to working from home with guest and long-time remote worker Scott Hanselman.

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The style is conversational, light and casual. This is a show by developers for developers and we’re not trying to sell anything to anyone. You get to hear the stories that are rarely told outside the corridors of building 18 on the Microsoft campus in Redmond. The inside scoop if you will. And you get to ask questions too!!

Get your questions answered

Instead of it just being us talking, you can actively participate in the live Q&A that is part of the broadcast. It could be questions about the topic we’re discussing or something completely different. If it’s related to Visual Studio, we will probably be able to answer them.

If you can’t watch it live, you can ask your questions in the comments of the recording on YouTube.

Live or on YouTube

There are two ways to watch. You can either see it live as it is being recorded, or you can watch it afterwards on the Visual Studio YouTube channel.

To watch live, the @visualstudio Twitter account will announce every episode about an hour before we go live with a link to join. We try to record every Thursday morning at 9:00am, but we may move it in case of holidays, vacation etc.


At the time of writing this blog post, we’ve recorded 6 episodes with more planned for the future. Here’s what we got so far:

  1. Working from home during a pandemic – Scott Hanselman
  2. Using Live Share when working from home – Jonathan Carter
  3. How Visual Studio Subscriptions helps you work from home – Caity Buschlen
  4. Working with Git tooling in Visual Studio – Taysser Gherfal and Pratik Nadagouda
  5. Bring AI and ML into Visual Studio with IntelliCode – Caty Caldwell and Mark Wilson-Thomas
  6. How the UX Lab and customer interviews make Visual Studio better – Karl Melder

And here’s what’s coming soon:

  1. Visual Studio and accessibility (May 28) – Dante Gagne
  2. The internal architecture and workings of Visual Studio (June 4) – Andrew Arnott

So, make sure to subscribe to the Visual Studio YouTube channel and @visualstudio Twitter account to never miss the opportunity to watch.

What topics would you like us to bring to the show? Let us know in the comments below.

See you Thursday mornings!


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  • Kirsan 0

    Main question: why no x64 V.S. ???

    • Mads KristensenMicrosoft employee 0

      That might be something we can talk to Andrew about in the June 4th show

      • Kirsan 0

        Any new date for The internal architecture and workings of Visual Studio (June 4) – Andrew Arnott episode?

        • Mads KristensenMicrosoft employee 0

          July 2nd

  • MgSam 0

    My questions:

    – When are you guys going to fix the Suggestions website so that its actually usable? I don’t know how you expect to get feedback from the community when it is quite literally impossible to navigate there and vote on suggestions. Can I suggest that you just open a Github repo and let people file and vote on issues/bugs? Even though VS is not open source just using Github’s Issues would save everyone a lot of headache.
    – Do you guys have any plans yet on improving/modernizing the visualizer API? Even if the suggestion website were usable, it’s hard for this suggestion to gain traction as very few devs are aware of the limitations with the visualization API in Visual Studio (and what they are potentially missing out on if it were to be improved).

    • Mads KristensenMicrosoft employee 0

      For the suggestions website, the Developer Community, we are revamping it completely from the ground up right now. We’ll start rolling it out bit by bit as each part is completed this summer already. For the full site to be overhauled might take a long time, but soon you should start seeing vast improvements.

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