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Program Manager , Visual Studio Debugger

Harshada Hole is a program manager on the Visual Studio Debugger Team, focused on creating a more productive debugging experience.

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Elevating Debugging with Auto-decompilation and External Sources

Visual Studio has been supporting external sources debugging and decompilation for some time now. However, with the release of Visual Studio 17.7, the debugger took a significant leap forward by introducing Auto-decompilation for .NET libraries making the external code debugging in Visual Studio much more streamlined and effortless. Its ...

Rock Your Debugging Game: Parallel Stack Window Tips You Need to Know!

In Visual Studio 2022 17.6 and 17.7 we added a ton of new features in Parallel Stack Window that can take your multithreaded debugging to the next level. But what can the Parallel Stack Window do for you? The answer is simple - it offers valuable insights into how your code functions in multithreaded or parallel or async environments. ...

Streamlining your Debugging process with Breakpoint Groups

Have you ever had a situation when you are debugging a complex scenario with a huge list of breakpoints, and you find yourself scrolling and tapping in the breakpoints windows to disable/enable them individually and repetitively? Then the new Breakpoint Groups feature in Visual Studio may be the answer for you. This feature will allow you ...

DataTable Visualizer Improvements

Your favorite DataTable visualizer has now got a makeover with all new improvements coming in 17.4 Preview 2. The DataTable visualizers will now support sorting, filtering, exporting, and theming like IEnumerable visualizer. (image)   The DataTable Visualizer allows you to view the contents of a DataTable, DataSet, DataView...

IEnumerable Debugger Visualizer Improvements

In Visual Studio 17.3 Preview 3, we added a few highly requested improvements in IEnumerable visualizer like Filtering, Theming, and CSV export to enhance the visualizer experience further. The .NET IEnumerable debugger visualizer is one of our most loved debugging features in recent times. This was a highly requested feature by developers ...

View .NET collections with the new IEnumerable Debugger Visualizer

While debugging .NET code, inspecting a large and complex collection object can be tedious and difficult. Hence, starting from Visual Studio 17.2. Preview 2, we are introducing a new Visualizer, which will help you view IEnumerable objects such as Arrays, List, etc. in a customized tabular view.  The IEnumerable visualizer will display ...

New Improved Attach to Process Dialog Experience

With Visual Studio 2022, we promise to bring new tooling to improve the inner loop productivity and debugging experience. We have added command-line details, app pool details, parent/child process tree view, and the Select running window from the desktop option in the attach to process dialog.

Debugging External Sources with Visual Studio

Have you ever needed to debug and step into a code of dependent NuGet or .NET libraries that do not build as part of your solution? Today, debugging through them is not so easy as debugging your projects that are part of your solution. Starting with Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3, we are adding a new "External Sources" node in the Solution Explo

Debug code with force run to cursor

Starting Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2 you can use "Force Run To Cursor". It is like "Run To Cursor," but you can keep your breakpoints and the debugger will skip over them until it reaches the line of code with the cursor. It will also skip any of the first-chance exceptions break conditions that may occur.