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PyCon US 2017 wrap-up

Last week we took our Python team on the road to PyCon US 2017, which was held in Portland, Oregon, USA. PyCon is our best opportunity for our engineers to meet the broad range of people who make up the Python community. We love the chance to hang out at our booth, meet and chat with anyone who comes by, and show off the things we've been ...
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Come visit us at PyCon US 2017!

With PyCon US 2017 happening later this week, we wanted to let you know what we will be up to at the conference! To start, thanks to our platinum sponsorship this year, we are going to have a booth in the exhibit hall. This will provide you a place to come if you have any questions involving Python and Microsoft. We are also going to have ...

Python support is now stable in Visual Studio 2017

Today we have released our next update to Visual Studio 2017, and it's the one you've been waiting for. As of today, the Python development and Data Science and Analytical Applications workloads are stable and ready for production use. You can read our post on the Visual Studio blog for an overview of what is new, and we will release a ...

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