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How to Get Workflow Definitions Using the REST API

This post will give an example of getting all 2010 and 2013 workflow definitions, using the gd-sprest library to interact with the REST API.

Manage Service Bus Queue messages with Python

In this post, Big Data Consultant Rakhi Guha shows how to get started with Python scripting to manage Service Bus Queue messages.

App Registration of .NET Application in Azure AD

Now that we have validated that we are able to query the presence for the particular user, we proceed to building a tool to further validate the Presence API query and handling the various output. In preparation for our Windows .Net Forms application, we must Register our application in our Azure Active Directory admin center.

Teams Presence Prototype in .NET

In this segment, my goal is to get the Teams presence in a stand-alone application. In this app, we will do the following: Connect to the Graph Beta API programmatically. Use the Client ID from my App Registration and validate the permissions. Read my presence and display the presence retrieved. Verify that the solution is displaying Status.

Using the Microsoft Graph Explorer

Working from home has created new opportunities and challenges. In the following guide, the Microsoft Graph Explorer is used to access the Teams presence indicators. This is one of several blog posts leading towards the creation a visual indicator using LED RGB string for Teams presence in a home office scenario.

Upgrading to the New Work Item Form in Azure DevOps

This blog post will highlight a case from the field to shed some light on what changes are made to the work item form, also known as the 'Best-effort transformation'. We'll walkthrough a case from the field where the custom work item was very different after upgrade.

Managing Cloud Ready .NET App Secrets in Visual Studio

Secrets need to be handled with care and this is the responsibility of every developer. We’ve all read those news reports of someone accidently checking a production password into source control only to find out the next day that their credit card has been maxed out.

Power Apps Build Tools for Azure DevOps

Given the dire need expressed by many of our enterprise customers for a complete ALM and DevOps support in to the Microsoft Power Platform I felt like writing this blog to give a very quick high-level overview of the tool and its capabilities.

Simplified Automated QA Testing on Azure DevOps

Setting up automated testing can be complex, but I wanted to build out an automated testing system that would be simple to understand and implement, yet cover most of the basic needs of test automation.

Multi-vendor Service Level Agreement (SLA) model based on Business Availability

App Dev Manager Dipanjan Ghanti shares an example of how to frame a multi-vendor SLA based on business availability. Introduction Enterprises often run business critical applications that are supported by multiple vendors. While each vendor takes responsibility for their component’s availability, the need to tie it up with the ...