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Extending Teams with Broadcast Messaging

One of the common and important scenarios for many organizations these days is the necessity of sending a message - or even an alert - to all the users across the company. This is also called “broadcast messaging” or “proactive messaging”.

How Microsoft helps customers adopt Azure through developer education

In this post, we review how Microsoft is helping our customers achieve tech intensity by providing a wide array of Azure learning opportunities to constantly build, maintain and strengthen the cloud capabilities of their developers and IT staff.

How to Utilize gRPC-Web From a Blazor WebAssembly Application

It is currently impossible to implement the gRPC HTTP/2 spec in the browser because there are no browser APIs with enough fine-grained control over requests. Well the good news is that gRPC-Web is here for the rescue!

5 Super Useful Azure DevOps Extensions

Thanks in part to Microsoft's recent embrace of open source principals there is a large marketplace of community driven extensions available.

Azure Private Link vs. Azure Service Endpoint for App Services

In this post, App Dev Manager Chris Hanna compares Azure Private Links and Azure service Endpoints for App Services.

How to Debug and Step Into Service Fabric SDK Source Code

In this blog, Premier Consultant Kurt Schenk shows how to debug into the source code of the Service Fabric SDK which is used to develop Reliable Services and Reliable Actors.

How To Detect Unsupported Browsers Under a Blazor WebAssembly Application?

I recently ran into an issue where running a Blazor WebAssembly application under unsupported browsers would simply get stuck on the loading page. Whereas older browsers are supported under the “Server Side” model, it would be a much better experience to present the user with a more meaningful indicator that the browser is not supported.

Maintain projects with different SharePoint Framework versions using Azure Container Registry

Azure Container Registry (ACR) is a managed Docker registry service based on the open source Docker Registry 2.0. ACR is the ideal choice if you want to have standard images for all of our developers, shared images with our continuous integration (CI) processes, and manage everything from a single platform and provider.

CI/CD with SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

In this post, App Dev Manager Dhaval Shah shows how to get started with CI/CD for SharePoint Framework (SPFx).

The Importance of Quality Assurance in the Development Life Cycle

Whether it's a software lab or an in-house department that creates its own applications, its reputation can be made or destroyed whenever a product is launched. Therefore, the concern with software quality becomes increasingly essential for any company that wants to stand out in the market.