WinPixEventRuntime 2001.27

Cooper Partin

Today we released WinPixEventRuntime 2001.27 on Nuget.  This release contains the following bug fixes and updates:

  • Updated PIX public headers to use variadic templates.  This version of the headers improve compilation performance and are only supported on Visual Studio 2013 or higher.
  • Fixed runtime to be more thread safe when ETW collection is enabled.
  • Fixed lost PIX events issue for applications that exit before a full block of event data has been written.
  • Added PIX_ENABLE_BLOCK_ARGUMENT_COPY option to disable string copy optimizations to work well with the Address sanitizer.  By default this optimization is enabled unless the Address sanitizer is enabled, since this optimization can trigger a global-buffer-overflow when copying string literals.
    • Add #define PIX_ENABLE_BLOCK_ARGUMENT_COPY 0 to explicitly disable this optimization.


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