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Tips & Tricks: How the Pros Use PIX to Make Their Games Better on Xbox and Windows

Today, you may have caught the PIX session titled "Tips & Tricks: How the Pros Use PIX to Make Their Games Better on Xbox and Windows" at Microsoft's Game Stack Live. If you haven't seen it yet, it's available on demand through the Game Stack Live website, and will air twice more before the end of the GSL event. This blog post contains ...
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PIX 2104.20: DirectX 12 Agility SDK Support, New Occupancy Graphs, Timing Capture Improvements

Today we released PIX version 2104.20 - adding support for all new DirectX 12 Agility SDK features including Shader Model 6.6. This release adds support for DXCompiler Slim PDBs, adds new occupancy graphs for supported GPUs, and includes an experimental feature that allows you to attach to a running process for GPU capture.

PIX 2103.16: Recently Launched Apps, Environment Variables, Camera Improvements in the Mesh Viewer

PIX 2103.10 was released today. This release adds new options to the app launch process, including launch history and the ability to set environment variables. We've added multi-cam support to the mesh viewer, and other bugfixes. Read the blog to learn more!

PIX 2010.26  – Updated Command List Execution View & Descriptor Heap Viewer

Today we released PIX 2010.26This release contains better visualizations of Command List executions in timing captures, a brand new Descriptor Heap viewer, and fixes for several user-reported issues.

PIX Release 2008.26 – Our biggest update to GPU captures since 2017

PIX 2008.26 is released today. Our biggest update to GPU captures since 2017, this release contains significantly increased framerate improvements at capture time, capture-replay performance improvements, and broader application compatibility.

PIX 2007.29 – Dark Theme, bug fixes

Today we released PIX version 2007.29 which can be downloaded here. This release introduces Dark Theme, a change to timing capture file formats, and includes several bug fixes.   Dark Theme PIX now has a Dark Theme! You can enable Dark Theme in the Theme tab in the Settings menu. We hope this often requested feature will keep eyes ...

PIX 2006.26 – Fence Signal/Wait Arrows in GPU Captures

Today we released PIX 2006.26 which can be downloaded here. This release contains support for fence signal-wait arrows in GPU captures, document tab behavior improvements, buffer viewer enhancements, and many bugfixes.   Fence Signal-Wait arrows for GPU captures GPU captures now track and visualize fence signals and waits to help you...

PIX 2004.27 – Improved struct support in the Buffer Viewer, CPU Memory and File IO Data in Timing Captures

Today we released PIX 2004.27 which can be downloaded here. This release contains improved support for structs in the Buffer Viewer, and support for CPU memory allocation data and file I/O data in Timing Captures. This version also includes an updated plugin for AMD GPUs, and supports a new pixtool flag to help automate grabbing an unknown ...