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Microsoft Security Code Analysis – a tool that seamlessly empowers customers to enable security controls in your CI/CD pipeline
Premier Developer

We believe that Secure DevOps encompasses both a set of practices and a mindset shift to help customer adopt security principles and practices aligned with the culture shift and integrated with the practices, of DevOps. Secure DevOps practices include and build on those practices that are part of the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle.

IoT Tooling November Update
Azure IoT Tools November Update: standalone simulator for Azure IoT Edge development and more!
Jun Han

Welcome to the November update of Azure IoT Tools! In this November release, you will see the new standalone simulator for Azure IoT Edge development, the support of Vcpkg for IoT Plug and Play development and more new features. Deploy Event Grid module on Azure IoT Edge Event Grid on IoT Edge brings the power and flexibility of Azure Eve

IoT Tooling November Update
Embracing nullable reference types
Mads Torgersen

Probably the most impactful feature of C# 8.0 is Nullable Reference Types (NRTs). It lets you make the flow of nulls explicit in your code, and warns you when you don't act according to intent. The NRT feature holds you to a higher standard on how you deal with nulls, and as such it issues new warnings on existing code. So that those warnings