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Improved Code Coverage Tab Experience

If you’re using Azure DevOps for your CI/CD pipeline, you may be interested in our recent improvements to code coverage testing. Code coverage tests can help you identify areas of your code that are not tested, or not tested enough, and improve the quality of your automated tests and overall code quality. With our recent updates, you can ...

Build a robust transaction processing solutions to improve payment experience of retail end customers

In this post, we will describe how to build a data ingestion framework that receives payment transaction events from internal or external payment service providers and process the events in real-time. The ingested payment data can be used to provide the real time view of the payment transactions to merchants to improve the payment experience of the retail end customers.

C# 开发工具包 – 现已正式发布

本篇翻译于Wendy Breiding (SHE/HER)的 C# Dev Kit – Now Generally Available. 今天,我们很高兴地宣布 C#开发工具包正式发布,C#开发工具包是一个 Visual Studio Code 扩展,为 Linux、macOS 和 Windows 带来了改进的编辑器优先 C# 开发体验。 (image) 谢谢社区的努力 ! 自6...