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Integrating C++ header units into Office using MSVC (2/n)

In this follow-up blog, we will explore progress made towards getting header units working in the Office codebase. Overview Overview: Where we were, where we're going. Old Code, Old Problems: 'fun' code issues found while scaling out. Rethinking Compiler Tooling: How can the compiler rise to the scaling problems? A New Approach ...

Public preview of Workload identity federation for Azure Pipelines

Do you want to stop storing secrets and certificates in Azure service connections? Are you tired rotating these secrets whenever they expire? We are now announcing a public preview of workload identity federation for Azure service connections. Workload identity federation uses an industry-standard technology, Open ID Connect (OIDC), to ...

Modeling quantum architecture with Azure Quantum Resource Estimator

  Introduction There are numerous architectural decisions to consider when building quantum computers, which have the potential to address real-world computational challenges like quantum chemistry and quantum cryptography. Researchers worldwide are engaged in developing various aspects of quantum computer architecture. Microsoft ...

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