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Microsoft Build of OpenJDK – July 2023 Release

Hi Java community! We are happy to announce the latest July 2023 patch & security update release for the Microsoft Build of OpenJDK. See the release notes for detailed changes present in the Microsoft Build of OpenJDK binaries. And download or install the binaries today. Microsoft Build of OpenJDK 17.0.8 (release...

Combining OpenAI function calls with embeddings

Hello prompt engineers, Last week’s post introduced the OpenAI chat function calling to implement a live weather response. This week, we’ll look at how to use function calling to enhance responses when using embeddings to retrieve data isn’t appropriate. The starting point will be the droidcon SF sample we’ve covered ...

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Partnering with The Coalition to Bring Unreal Engine Find All Blueprint References to Visual Studio 2022

Introduction We are thrilled to bring you the 3rd batch of exciting Unreal Engine integrations in Visual Studio 2022! Since our initial announcements, our team has been hard at work building additional integrations based on your invaluable feedback. Recently, we have been working closely with our partners at The Coalition. Their work on ...

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Load testing your applications using Azure Load Testing, JMeter and GitHub Actions

Dominique St-Amand shares an introduction on JMeter concepts and goes on to create a basic test plan to load test a sample application and run it through a GitHub Action workflow. I’ve been working with more customers that are starting to take testing (unit, integration, end to end and load testing) more seriously. You may ask, “Dom...

Announcing Semantic Kernel integration with Azure Cognitive Search

We're excited to announce integration of Azure Cognitive Search Vector Search with Semantic Kernel, available in both C# and Python. This integration follows the existing Semantic Memory architecture, making it incredibly easy for developers to add memory to prompts and plugins. This integration unlocks the following key benefits. ...

Introducing Semantic Kernel for Java

Hello Java developers! We are thrilled to announce the first release of the Microsoft Semantic Kernel for Java! This Java library opens up new developer possibilities by seamlessly integrating AI services like OpenAI and Azure OpenAI with conventional and idiomatic programming. Now, you can create cutting-edge AI applications that combine ...

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