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Data API builder Version 0.11 Brings In-Memory Caching

Literally, I just said that! I have three daughters, and it's amazing how they ask me the same questions over and over. I don't mind answering them, but I sure wish they would either remember my answer or, at least, write it down. There's a measurable cognitive load with the context switching and staying consistent in my answers. And that's a ...

Vector Search Optimization via KMeans, Voronoi Cells and Inverted File Index (aka "Cell-Probing")

In a previous article I already mentioned how vectors can be easily stored in Azure SQL already and how to calculate dot product and cosine distance using just T-SQL. In this article I will show how to improve the performance in vector search by using a technique that has many name but is really based on something very well know already: ...

Python Kernel Updates: A Closer Look at Our Redesigned Plugin and Function Integration

As we approach a stable v1.0 version of the Python Semantic Kernel SDK, we analysed the methods used to add plugins and functions to the kernel. We realised that the variety of available methods might confuse developers. For instance, when should one use versus ? Or versus ? Our goal has always been to keep the SDK as Pythonic and simple as ...

The Reliable Web App Pattern for Java with Enhanced Security and Scalability on Azure

To help you understand and use the RWA pattern, we’ve created a comprehensive collection of materials that describe it in full. You can review the documentation and access the production-quality, ready-to-deploy web application - Reference Implementation. The latest update to The Reliable Web App Pattern for Java builds on its initial ...

利用 Redis 使 AI 驱动的 .NET 应用程序更加一致和智能 

本篇翻译于Catherine Wang的Making AI powered .NET apps more consistent and intelligent with Redis - .NET Blog (  Redis 是一种流行的内存数据存储,可用于解决构建和扩展智能应用程序的关键挑战。 在本文中,你将了解如何使用Redis的 Azure 缓存来提高使用 Azure OpenAI...

Unlock AI Collaboration at Microsoft BUILD 2024 with Semantic Kernel

The moment we've all been waiting for is nearly here. Microsoft BUILD 2024, happening from May 21 - 23rd, is poised to be a groundbreaking event, especially for our community working at the intersection of AI and application development. I'm thrilled to announce our Semantic Kernel session - Bridge the chasm between your ML and app devs ...