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PIX Dark Theme Home
PIX 2007.29 - Dark Theme, bug fixes

Today we released PIX version 2007.29 which can be downloaded here. This release introduces Dark Theme, a change to timing capture file formats, and includes several bug fixes.   Dark Theme PIX now has a Dark Theme! You can enable Dark Theme in the Theme tab in the Settings menu. We hope this often requested feature will keep eyes ...

Surface Duo Layout control
Learn about the latest .NET Productivity features

The .NET Productivity team (a.k.a. Roslyn) is constantly thinking of new ways to make .NET developers more productive. We’ve been working hard to take the feedback you’ve sent us and turn it into tools that you want! In this post, I’ll cover some of the latest .NET productivity features available in Visual Studio 2019. Tooling ...

PSScriptAnalyzer 1.19.1

PSScriptAnalyzer 1.19.1 is now available on the PowerShell Gallery. This minor update fixes a few user-reported bugs and introduces a new rule (which is disabled by default) for avoiding using double quotes for constant strings. To install this version of the module, open any PowerShell console and run: Install-Module PSScriptAnalyzer -Force...

Custom transport in Python SDK: an HTTPX experiment

One of the most important design concepts of the new Azure SDK for Python is that the SDK is modular. This allows us to provide highly customizable HTTP pipelines that users can configure to their own needs. In this article, I will briefly describe the main HTTP pipeline for the Azure SDK for Python, then focus on the HTTP transport and the ab