How to contact Raymond

Raymond Chen

If your subject matter is a suggestion for a future topic, please post it to the Suggestion Box (using the Suggestion Box link on the side of the page). If you send it to me directly, I will probably lose track of it.

If your subject matter is personal (for example “Hi, Raymond, remember me? We went to the same high school…”), you can send email using the Contact page. (Update 25 March 2007: The contact page has been disabled because over 90% of the messages that arrive are spam.)

I do not promise to respond to your message.

If you are making a suggestion for a future version of a Microsoft product, submit it directly to Microsoft rather than sending it to me, because I won’t know what to do with it either.

I do not provide one-on-one technical support. If your question is of general interest, you can post it to the Suggestion Box. If you are looking for technical support, there are a variety of options available, such as newgroups, bulletin boards, forums (fora?), and Microsoft’s own product support web site.


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