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Raymond Chen

Post suggestions for future topics here instead of posting off-topic comments. Note that the suggestion box is emptied and read periodically so don’t be surprised if your suggestion vanishes. (Note also that I am under no obligation to accept any suggestion.) Topics I are more inclined to cover:

  • Windows history (particularly the Windows 95 era).
  • Windows user interface programming in Win32, and shell programming in particular.
  • General programming topics (selectively).
  • Issues of general interest.
  • My personal hobbies.

Topics I am not inclined to cover:

  • The blog software itself. You can visit the Community Server home page and cruise their support forums.
  • Internet Explorer. You can try the IE folks.
  • Visual Studio. You can try one of the Visual Studio blogs.
  • Managed code. This is not a .NET blog. I do not work on .NET technologies. As far as .NET is concerned, I’m just another programmer like you. Occasionally I touch a .NET-related topic, but I do not bring any expertise to the subject.
  • Non-software Microsoft topics, such as product support policies, marketing tactics, jobs and careers, legal issues.
  • Microsoft software that isn’t Windows. (Exchange, Office, …)
  • Windows topics outside user interface programming. (Plug and Play, Terminal Services, Windows Messenger, Outlook Express, SQL, IIS, remoting, SOA…)
  • User interface programming in anything other than Win32. (Because I know nothing about it.)
  • Debugging a specific problem. (Not of general interest.)
  • Predictions for the future. (What’s the title of this blog again?)
  • Participation in Internet memes.

You can also send feedback on Microsoft products directly to Microsoft. All the feedback gets read, even the death threats. Suggestions should be between two and four sentences in length. As you can see, there are hundreds of them already, so you have three seconds to get your point across. Please also search the blog first because your suggestion may have already been covered. And remember, questions aren’t suggestions.

Note the enormous topic backlog. Consequently, the suggestion box has been closed temporarily and will reopen once the existing backlog has cleared, which I estimate will happen sometime in early 2010. If your suggestion is that important, I’m sure you’ll remember it when the suggestion box reopens.


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