Azure Machine Learning, JavaScript Custom Functions, and Power BI Custom Visuals Further Expand Developers Capabilities with Excel

Today at Build, we announced a powerful set of capabilities to the Excel platform, offering developers, data scientists, and power users more opportunities to better work with data. Developers and data scientists can now to execute custom functions locally in JavaScript or with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning services to create their own powerful additions to Excel's catalog of formulas. 

NPM package for Visio JavaScript APIs

Visio JavaScript APIs extend the capabilities of Visio Online by enabling developers to build rich mashup solutions to meet their organization’s specific needs. The solution needs to reference the Visio JavaScript library from the CDN location. This blog discusses how to install NPM and acquire IntelliSense definitions.

Replying to a Kaizala message or action

In this post, I will introduce the replyToReferenceId property that enables you to reply to a message or action (attachment, custom card, image, etc.) on Kaizala group. This is required when you want to have a threaded conversation using API [or] bot scenario where you want to reply to a specific user query.

Adding bot support to a Kaizala group

In this post, I'll explore on how you can integrate a bot with a Kaizala group. Bot aids a lot of scenarios and can be a part of the conversations and adding value. In a regular group, the messages are received and seen by all users, and can result in a chatty experience. Public groups (managed hub and spoke groups) are well suited for this scenario where the user or subscriber types in a query allowing a bot to respond – while keeping these out of the purview of other users in the group. In order to implement this, following are the steps that will take you through this experience.

Exploring Kaizala card view scenarios

In the Developing a custom action for Kaizala blog post, I introduced Kaizala custom actions – which has 4 views (creation view, chat card view, response view and results / summary view). In this post, I'll explore different scenarios where each of the views can be used for a different purpose. While this post intends to give you an idea of card view customization and not an exhaustive list! Your creativity can take you way beyond. ????

Developing a custom action for Kaizala

Kaizala ships with many actions out of box allowing you to get work done within the context of a conversation or group. Few of them are surveys, quick poll, request location, announcement, etc. But there could be a case(s) where these are not sufficient for your business or requirements and you may want to build your own action. Kaizala platform allows you to extend the client side functionality through custom actions (or cards). There are 2 ways you can create a custom action: