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Build message extensions for Microsoft Teams and Copilot

Enhance the messaging functionality of Microsoft Teams to easily search for and share information through rich cards, capture data, and preview app content right within Teams.

AI pair programming: Build a product inventory app with GitHub Copilot and Teams Toolkit

Learn how AI can help you build your first app for Microsoft Teams, specifically designed for a product inventory scenario.

Announcing the HackTogether: Microsoft Teams Global Hack winners

We’re excited to announce the winners of HackTogether: Teams Global Hack.

Create a Teams tab and Outlook Add-in with a Hello World project

In just minutes, you can easily create a Hello World project with both Microsoft Teams tab and Outlook Add-in elements backed by a single unified app manifest.

Learn how to develop apps for Microsoft Teams using Teams Toolkit in Visual Studio Code

Check out our NEW learning path on Microsoft Learn that will guide you with hands-on exercises on how to use Teams Toolkit to develop, test, and deploy Microsoft Teams applications.

Ignite 2022: Highlights for Microsoft Teams app builders

Last week at Ignite 2022, we shared new capabilities and improvements to the Microsoft 365 developer platform, designed to help you integrate workflows and collaboration patterns across Teams, Outlook and Office.com. Check out our “highlight reel” what's new.

Beginners’ crash course to build apps for Teams using Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code

Zhidi Shang and Rabia Williams demystify Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code to build apps for Microsoft Team by deep diving into various features available that simplify the developer experience.

Microsoft Teams JS SDK v2 is now generally available

The general availability of the Microsoft Teams JS SDK v2 and manifest enables developers to extend Teams apps to other Microsoft 365 host apps like Outlook and Office.com.

Let’s decode: Single Sign-on in Microsoft Teams tabs

Microsoft 365 Code | Decode is a series that focuses on breaking down topics for developers to understand concepts better. In this segment, Bob and Rabia decode single sign on (SSO) in a Teams tab app.

Microsoft Teams development: All you need to know

Microsoft Teams is the ultimate messaging app for your organization—a workspace for real-time collaboration, communication, meetings, and file sharing. You can extend your Teams app in multiple ways. This blog post explains how.