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Restricted access to Microsoft Teams data via EWS starts January 31, 2023

Microsoft will start restricting access via EWS to Microsoft Teams message data starting on September 30th, 2022.  Fully supported access to Teams message data is available through the Microsoft Graph Teams Export API.

Manage frontline workers in Microsoft Teams with Tags and Time Clock APIs

Learn about some scenarios where these APIs come in handy and view the code snippets that you can leverage to manage Tags and Time Clock in Teams.

Universal Actions: Unified developer experience for Adaptive Cards on Teams and Outlook

The new Universal Action model for Adaptive Cards includes many improvements. Get a glimpse of what they are and how our partners are already using them to transform user experiences.

Change notifications extended for federated chats 

Change notifications for Microsoft Teams messages are now available for federated scenarios.

Four new features to build richer apps for Microsoft Teams meetings 

With hybrid work, the need for first-rate meeting experiences, whether remote or in-person, for every participant is critical. Four new features expand the breadth and capabilities of apps in meetings.

Microsoft Teams App Development Challenge Winners!  

We would like to congratulate the four winning partners on their awards and publishing their innovative new Microsoft Teams apps.

Publish your apps to the Microsoft Teams store

When you publish your SaaS offering to the Microsoft Teams store, you can reach more than 500,000 organizations, including small and large corporations and educational institutions.

Utilize change notification APIs for Microsoft Teams messages

Change notifications for Microsoft Teams messages are now generally available in the Microsoft Graph v1.0 endpoint for delegated scenarios.

Leverage new Microsoft Teams chat APIs to enable new scenarios

General availability of the Microsoft Teams chat APIs in the Microsoft Graph v1.0 endpoint enable additional capabilities with chat and messages.

Migrate messages from other chat platforms to Microsoft Teams with Microsoft Graph APIs

Microsoft Graph APIs to enable the migration of messages to Microsoft Teams are now Generally Available. .