Feb 2024: A look at the latest Microsoft Entra key feature releases, announcements, and updates

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Welcome to the Feb 2024 edition, where we bring you a comprehensive overview of the latest updates and features of Microsoft Entra. This month, we cover updates on app filters for Conditional Access policies and an array of new Public Previews, like Microsoft Entra Internet Access for all apps. Discover how these advancements can be integrated into your projects for optimal performance and security.

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Latest Generally Available (GA) features since December 2023

  • App filters for Conditional Access (CA): Filters for apps in CA simplify policy management by allowing admins to tag apps with custom security attributes and target them in CA policies, instead of using direct assignments. This means you can apply protect any number of apps without increasing policy size when more apps are added. Workload identities can also be targeted with the new filters.

New Public Previews

  • App-only User.ReadBasic.All permission: In addition to the existing delegated User.ReadBasic.All permission, we now also support this as an app-only permission. With User.ReadBasic.All you can evaluate the permission needs of apps in your tenant. For those apps that require access to basic user properties only, consider granting User.ReadBasic.All instead of User.Read.All.

  • Microsoft Entra Internet Access for all apps: Provides a Secure Web Gateway (SWG) solution focused on identity protection for SaaS application and web traffic. It protects users, devices, and data against a wide threat landscape with best-in-class security controls and detailed insights through Traffic Logs.

  • Microsoft Security Service Edge – client support for Android: For both Microsoft Entra Internet Access and Microsoft Entra Private Access, we now add a client supporting Android.

News, updates, and resources

Workshop on-demand recordings

  • Microsoft identity platform: Explore modern authentication and authorization foundations and adding authentication to an app and learn about token customization and best practices for protecting an API.

  • Identity workshop: Explore what the Microsoft identity platform provides for developers, principles of modern authentication, and migrating apps from ADAL to Microsoft authentication library (MSAL).

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