December 2023: A look at the latest Microsoft Entra key feature releases, announcements, and updates

Adam Matthews

Welcome to our rundown of the latest updates in Microsoft Entra for December 2023. We’ve rolled out a range of enhancements, from new single sign-on (SSO) capabilities to more refined identity governance tools—useful for any software developer navigating the ever-evolving world of identity and access management. These updates can significantly streamline your workflow and security processes. You’ll find key information about these developments as well as links to further guidance, helping you integrate these updates effectively into your projects. Let’s dive in.

Generally Available (GA) feature release updates

  • Single sign-on and passwordless authentication for Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365: Elevating both security and user experience, the new single sign-on (SSO) and passwordless authentication for Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 are now generally available. Embrace a world where phish-resistant credentials are the norm, satisfying Executive Order requirements in the United States.

  • Custom security attributes: Tailor access control with business-specific attributes for Microsoft Entra objects. These key-value pairs can be used for things like extending user profiles to add a salary attribute to all employees.
    However, they are not just about storing information; they’re powerful tools for categorizing objects and enforcing precise access control over Azure resources, based on the attributes.

  • Azure ABAC conditions: Gain more control over Azure Blob Storage with access authorization based on blob index tags and custom security attributes assigned to users or applications.

  • Rich notifications in Microsoft Graph: Stay updated seamlessly. Subscribe to changes in your data and receive rich, encrypted notifications via webhooks and other methods, enhancing both security and convenience.

New public previews

Workshop on-demand recordings

  • Microsoft identity platform: Explore modern authentication and authorization foundations and adding authentication to an app and learn about token customization and best practices for protecting an API.

  • Identity workshop: Explore what the Microsoft identity platform provides for developers, principles of modern authentication, and migrating apps from ADAL to Microsoft authentication library (MSAL).

News, updates, and resources

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