C++ at VS Code Day 2024

Alexandra Kemper

Looking to get caught up on new C++ features released in the last year? Check out the new YouTube video What’s New with C++ in VS Code posted for VS Code Day 2024. VS Code Day is an annual event hosted by the VS Code team which lets you elevate your development workflow with the latest and greatest features from Visual Studio Code. Sessions ranged from Generating Synthetic Datasets with GitHub Copilot to Real World Development with VS Code and C#.  

The What’s New with C++ session covered updates to the C++ extension, CMake Tools extension, and tips on how you can leverage GitHub Copilot when developing a C++ project. This includes features like call hierarchy, the CMake debugger, CMake Test Explorer, extract to function, time to colorization performance improvements, and much more. Check out the video to see these new features in action:  

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