Mastering Azure Cosmos DB: A Comprehensive Guide from Prototype to Production

Sandeep S. Nair

Saranya Sriram

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Over the past couple of years, we have collaborated with numerous customers to tackle performance, scaling, and cost issues that arise when transitioning their Azure Cosmos DB for NoSQL API based applications to production. In many cases, these challenges stem from a lack of understanding of key Azure Cosmos DB concepts. To address this, We teamed up to create a scenario-based learning video series.

We are thrilled to present three informative YouTube videos that delve deep into the workings of Azure Cosmos DB. These videos cover a variety of crucial topics essential for successfully transitioning your prototype to production.

Who Should Watch?

This series of videos are intended to provide an understanding of Azure Cosmos DB’s features and best practices. Whether you’re a novice just starting with Azure Cosmos DB or a seasoned developer looking to enhance your skills, these videos are an invaluable resource.

What You’ll Learn

Each of the three episodes covers a distinct aspect of Azure Cosmos DB and highlights common mistakes made by customers.

  • Episode 1
    • Choosing the Ideal Partition Key: Discover how to select an optimal partition key for superior data distribution and enhanced query performance.
    • Monitoring and Troubleshooting: Learn best practices for monitoring and troubleshooting your Azure Cosmos DB application using Metrics and Telemetry.
  • Episode 2
    • Utilizing the Azure Cosmos DB SDK: Get useful tips on effectively using the Azure Cosmos DB SDK for seamless database interactions.
    • Design Strategies: Explore design strategies for managing large-scale data ingestion.
  • Episode 3
    • Backup vs High Availability: Distinguish between backup and high availability (HA) needs. Develop strategies for high availability and fault tolerance for regional outages.
    • Change Feed Feature: Delve into the Change Feed feature, which enables you to capture and process real-time data changes.

Hands-On Demos

Our demos feature an innovative approach to monitoring live metrics visually, making it easy to understand what’s happening with each request. This series is a priceless asset for developers aiming to build robust and scalable applications with Azure Cosmos DB.

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The sample app used in the demos is available on GitHub at sandeepsnairms/DemoCosmosDBAIAssistant, the helper tool developed in the demo is available at sandeepsnairms/CosmosDBLiveMetricsDashboard.


In conclusion, this video series is an essential resource for anyone looking to master Azure Cosmos DB. From choosing the ideal partition key to understanding the intricacies of high availability and the change feed feature, these videos provide a comprehensive guide for both novices and seasoned developers. With practical demos and real-world scenarios, we aim to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully transition your applications from prototype to production. Dive into these episodes to enhance your understanding and leverage Azure Cosmos DB’s full potential in your next project.

About Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is a fully managed and serverless distributed database for modern app development, with SLA-backed speed and availability, automatic and instant scalability, and support for open-source PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Apache Cassandra. Try Azure Cosmos DB for free here. To stay in the loop on Azure Cosmos DB updates, follow us on XYouTube, and LinkedIn.


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