Justine Cocchi

Senior Program Manager, Azure Cosmos DB

Justine is a Program Manager on the Azure Cosmos DB team working on various aspects of the SQL API.

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Real time data processing with new Azure Cosmos DB change feed modes

The Azure Cosmos DB change feed allows applications to seamlessly react to real time changes to data! It’s a persistent record of changes to items in your container in the order they occurred. Instead of writing complex code to query recently modified documents, manually track checkpointing, and handle retries for errors in processing, the ...

Announcing General Availability of Azure Cosmos DB integrated cache

Reduce costs and latency for read-heavy workloads with Azure Cosmos DB integrated cache, an in-memory cache that’s now generally available. In addition to increasing speed and decreasing costs, adding an integrated cache simplifies your architecture and application complexity, allowing you to focus on building your business logic. The ...

Introducing a new system function and optimized query operators

The query engine in Azure Cosmos DB Core (SQL) API now has a new system function and optimizations for a set of query operations to better use the index. In this post we’ll cover the new DateTimeBin function as well as improvements to GROUP BY, DISTINCT, OFFSET LIMIT, and JOIN. These example scenarios are for Contoso, a fictional online ...