Original Surface RT is a great digital photo frame

Buck Hodges

I have four Surfaces: the original RT, Surface 2 RT, Surface Pro, and Surface 3. When I got the original Surface RT, which Microsoft gave to every full time employee shortly after it came out, I bought the Type keyboard and stopped using my iPad. The device was sluggish, though, particularly with Outlook. I bought a Surface 2 RT when it came out because it’s a much better machine (faster and even better display), and I carry it as a backup machine when I travel (I use my Surface 2 frequently).

A couple of months ago, I bought a new digital photo frame (the one that I had died). The display on it wasn’t very good even though it was a higher-end model. Then it hit me that the original Surface that I was no longer using would make a great photo frame. The display is good, and the kickstand is a good angle for a photo frame. You can also find them on eBay for about the same price as a high-end dedicated photo frame.

I tried a few apps and settled on Picture Frame Slideshow, which is free. I loaded all of our pictures into a OneDrive folder, and let the app cycle through them randomly. It works really well and is the best digital picture “frame” I’ve had. I’ve set it up in the kitchen, and I wish I had done this sooner.


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