The rest of the story (about sand)

Brian Harry

A month ago I wrote about our newly enabled capability to measure quality of service on a customer by customer basis.  In that post I mentioned that we had actually identified a customer experiencing issues before they even contacted us about them and had started working with them to understand the issues.  Well, the rest of that story… We’ve identified the underlying issue.  The customer had an unusually large number of Team Projects in their account and some of our code paths were not scaling well, resulting in slower than expected response times.  We have debugged it, coded a fix and will be deploying it with our next sprint deployment. Now that’s cool.  We’ve already started working with a few other of the accounts that have the lowest quality of service metrics.  Our plan is to make this a regular part of our sprint rhythm where, every sprint, we investigate a top few customer accounts on the list and try to deploy fixes within a sprint or two – improving the service every sprint.



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