A white frog?

Brian Harry

I was out doing chores on my farm yesterday morning and ran across something surprising (to me, at least).  By the pig pen, we have an electric fence charger and it is covered by buckets.  For some reason I don’t understand (my wife did it), there are two buckets – one nested inside the other.  Yesterday, I removed the top bucket and inside it, I found a frog.  It took me a minute to recognize it as a frog because it was so white it didn’t look much like a frog.

I know frogs can change colors to match their surroundings but white?  I’ve seen documentaries of incredible color changing animals but those are exotic animals in some exotic place – not a frog in my back yard, right?

10 points to anyone who can identify what kind of frog (or maybe toad for all I know) it is Smile

It was pretty cool.




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