Is Microsoft abandoning TFVC in favor of Git?

Brian Harry

No. This is an example of the power of social media.  I had planned to ignore it but I’ve had enough requests for “official confirmation” that I guess I have to say something :). Last week someone tweeted “Microsoft phasing out the TFS version control repository and moving to Git. Unofficially confirmed at a TFS presentation” It caught on and created a minor retweet storm. It’s simply not accurate.  I’ve been told it was the result of a misunderstanding generated in a hallway conversation between one of our MVPs and a customer at a presentation on TFS.  Misunderstandings happen – it doesn’t worry me.  Social media just allows them to go global quickly 🙂 As I said when I announced Git support in VS/TFS, our intent is to provide the best centralized version control system and the best distributed version control system.  We fully intend to support both, enhance both, etc indefinitely.  Both types of version control are useful to different teams and both benefit from the tight integration and enterprise class hosting that we can provide inside TFS and Visual Studio.  At the moment, a significant majority of our customers use TFVC.  That may or may not change over time.  But you can bet that we will continue to work to make both great. Some will observe that, lately, all our new development work has been in Git features.  That’s accurate.  That’s simply a reflection of how much further behind Git is, for instance, it’s not supported by code review, CodeLens, My Work, branch visualization and more.  We’re working hard to get our Git support up to parity with our TFVC support.  In general though, for now and for the future, when we build new features, we try to build them in a way that works well for both Git and TFVC.  An example of this is that, as we’ve improved the version control web UI over the past 6 or 9 months, we’ve done it in a way that both the TFVC and Git experiences have gotten better.  That’s not an accident – it’s deliberate. Hopefully this settles the issue and provides an “official statement” that people can point to in order to feel confident where we stand. Thanks,



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