Bugs in TFS Update 1

Brian Harry

I’ve posted here the list of bugs that we’ve found in our TFS 2012 Update 1.  We’ve got a hot fix in final testing now.  I’ll post a link as soon as it is available and we’ll be updating the Update 1 download pages to reference it.  Installing the patch will address all the known issues. The first 4 issues on the list were all a result of the significant services refactoring we did – I wrote a bit about that in my previous post.

Issue #



Permissions lost after upgrade and then attaching a collection. Normal users cannot access team projects in the collection the upgrade.


Permissions lost attaching a collection to a different server, or cloning a collection. This may manifest itself by users seeing an empty build process template combo box.


Missing scale fix for prc_ReadGroupMembership due to servicing steps authoring mistake


Upgrade can cause unexpected values to show up for IdentityType

While we are at it, we are including one fix in the patch that addresses a bug that’s actually in the 2012 release but was discovered/fixed a little too late to make the Update 1.

Issue #



QFE: After 2008 to 2012 upgrade some fields are not getting populated into the Warehouse

  Hopefully this is useful.



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