Git-TF 2.0.1 Released

Brian Harry

Today we shipped a new binary release of the Git-TF tools.  We did a deployment of the Team Foundation Service yesterday and one of the things that changed was the way that we do basic authentication.  We are currently doing some work to make talking to TFS easier, this will help people building clients for TFS – especially as we support basic authentication over HTTPS if you have enabled alternative credentials.  However, one of the issues with basic authentication when we started doing a bit of testing is that some clients require the basic authentication realm to be set.  We didn’t have one set and so not every tool could authenticate with our services, so we have now added one. Unfortunately this broke Git-TF 2.0 from talking to hosted.  The problem was that the TFS SDK for Java assumed that there was not going to be a realm as there never was one before on our hosted server and so it ran into a problem when the realm was added.  We updated the TFS SDK for Java (and also Team Explorer Everywhere) at the end of last year.  We also wanted to update the binary release of Git-TF which has a dependency on the TFS SDK for Java but we ran into some last minute difficulties getting the build out the door and it only just arrived this morning – very sorry about that.  If you are using Git-TF to talk with your account then you will want to upgrade to this latest version ASAP. As always, if you want the very latest version of Git-TF then you can clone the repository to get the source code and build using Maven. However we know that’s a lot of hassle for most people and so generally try to do binary releases when we feel that we have reached important milestones or have an important bug fix like this one to make available.  We’ve had some great pull requests come in just recently so we’ll likely do another binary release in a few weeks to include those contributions but we wanted to get this 2.0.1 release out the door quickly to unblock the people talking to



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