Testing SemVer Dependency Ranges in the new Azure SDK for JavaScript/TypeScript

In this post you will explore how the Azure SDK team tests the SemVer dependency ranges in the new Azure SDK for JavaScript/TypeScript which ensures the acceptable dependency version ranges are accurate and up-to-date hence allows us to iterate rapidly on new features and fixes based on user feedback. Read on!

Lifetime management for Azure SDK .NET clients

When using Azure SDK .NET client libraries in high throughput applications, it's important to know how to maximize performance and avoid extra allocations while preventing bugs that could be introduced by accessing data from multiple threads. This article covers the best practices for using clients and models efficiently. Client lifetime The...

Custom transport in Python SDK: an HTTPX experiment

One of the most important design concepts of the new Azure SDK for Python is that the SDK is modular. This allows us to provide highly customizable HTTP pipelines that users can configure to their own needs. In this article, I will briefly describe the main HTTP pipeline for the Azure SDK for Python, then focus on the HTTP transport and the ab

Introducing new previews for Azure management libraries

We’re excited to announce that a new set of Azure management libraries for Java, .NET and Python are now in Public Preview. These libraries follow the Azure SDK guidelines and share a number of core features such as authentication protocols, HTTP retries, logging, and transport protocols.