Azure SDK Release (February 2023)

Azure SDK

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You can find links to packages, code, and docs on our Azure SDK Releases page.

Release Highlights

Welcome to the February release of the Azure SDK. See our release notes for a full list of releases.

Initial Stable Releases

  • Azure Blob Storage for Go
    • Added support to log calculated block size and count during uploads.
    • Added MissingSharedKeyCredential error type for cleaner UX.
  • Azure Bot Services Management Libraries for Go
  • Azure Load Testing Management Libraries for .NET, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Go
  • Azure Machine Learning Management Libraries for .NET
  • Azure Monitor Query for Go

Initial Beta Releases

  • Azure Container Registry for Go
  • Azure Mobile Network Management Libraries for .NET
  • Azure Networking Services Management Libraries for JavaScript, Python, and Go
  • OpenAI Inference for .NET
    • This initial beta release for OpenAI inference capabilities includes completions and embeddings.

Other Releases

  • Azure Attestation for C++
    • New stable release
  • Azure Blob Storage for .NET, Java, JavaScript, and Python
    • New beta releases
  • Azure Cognitive Services – Speech SDK for .NET, Java, JavaScript, and Python
    • The release includes enhanced Microsoft Audio Stack and Security MAUI for iOS support.
  • Azure Container Registry for .NET and JavaScript
    • New beta releases
  • Azure Data Lake Storage for .NET, Java, JavaScript, and Python
    • New beta releases for Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 SDKs, which now support leasing operations as a part of append and flush requests. Leases can be acquired, renewed, and released as part of the operation.
  • Azure Developer DevCenter for .NET, Java, JavaScript, and Python
    • New beta releases
  • Azure Identity
    • New stable releases for .NET, Java, JavaScript, Go, and C++
    • New beta releases for Java, Python, and Go
  • Azure Monitor Open Telemetry Exporter for .NET, Java, JavaScript, and Python
    • New beta releases
  • Azure Monitor Query for Python
    • New stable release
  • Event Hubs
    • New stable release for Python: This stable release uses a new AMQP library written entirely in Python. Read our blog for more details.
    • New beta release for Java and Go
  • Service Bus
    • New stable release for JavaScript
    • New beta release for Java


Numerous older Azure SDK libraries that don’t comply with the Azure SDK guidelines have been retired (deprecated) and support ends in 2023. While no code will stop working, support and updates end on the respective dates in 2023. You can see a list of retired libraries along with their replacement libraries at Azure SDK Deprecated Releases.

Release Notes


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