Pavel Krymets

Principal Software Engineer, Azure Developer Experience

Former ASP.NET Core developer, now with Azure SDK team.

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Introducing experimental OpenTelemetry support in the Azure SDK for .NET

In this article, we look at our current effort to integrate OpenTelemetry with the new Azure SDK client libraries for .NET.

Unit testing and mocking with Azure SDK .NET

Learn how to reliably unit test your code that is using the Azure SDKs.

.NET Framework Connection Pool Limits and the new Azure SDK for .NET

Learn about .NET Framework connection pooling and how to take limits into account when writing applications that use the new Azure SDKs

Lifetime management for Azure SDK .NET clients

When using Azure SDK .NET client libraries in high throughput applications, it's important to know how to maximize performance and avoid extra allocations while preventing bugs that could be introduced by accessing data from multiple threads. This article covers the best practices for using clients and models efficiently. Client lifetime The...

Best practices for using Azure SDK with ASP.NET Core

If you are developing an ASP.NET Core application, you know that there is a common way of structuring your application. The tooling within Visual Studio makes this very easy to accomplish. Similarly, when integrating the AZURE SDK, there are good and bad ways to structure your code. This article covers the best practices.