Adrian Hall

Sr. Program Manager, Azure Developer Experience

I'm a program manager in the Azure organizations, focused on client and mobile development and building great SDKs. I've written a book about Azure Mobile Apps and Xamarin development!

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Azure SDK Release (April 2020) – Using Azure Key Vault to Store Application Secrets

This month, we have updated the App Configuration, Event Hubs, Key Vault, and Storage libraries. We've also released new previews for Cognitive Search, Event Hubs, Service Bus, and Text Analytics.

Enabling distributed tracing with the Azure SDK for Python

Todays topic is diagnostics with Python applications. I have a fairly complex application, and something is going wrong. Azure provides a capability within Azure Monitor called transaction monitoring that tracks a transaction (such as an API call) from your application all the way through to the service that fulfills the request. This is power

Azure SDK Release (March 2020) – Introducing Azure Cognitive Search

This months release contains updates to App Configuration, Event Hubs, Key Vault, and Storage, with new previews for Azure Identity, Cognitive Search, Cosmos DB, Key Vault, and Text Analytics.

Authentication and the Azure SDK

How do your apps identify themselves to the cloud resources you are using? This is one of the most important considerations when building a cloud-native app. When you write a service, you should be able to take the same code and run it on your dev box and in any of the Azure clouds without code changes.

Azure SDK Release (February 2020) – Logging with the Azure SDKs

This months release contains updates to Cosmos DB, Key Vaul, Event Hubs, Storage, and Text Analytics.

Azure SDK Release (January 2020) – Text Analytics Service Introduction

This month, we have promoted three of the client libraries to general availability, and expanded our service support to include a preview SDK for our first Cognitive Service: the Azure Text Analytics service.