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PLCrashReporter Maintainership Moving to Microsoft

We’re happy to announce that Microsoft is moving PLCrashReporter to the Microsoft organization on GitHub to continue supporting this valuable project. Of course, the licensing of PLCrashReporter won’t change and we are looking forward to continuing to support the project.

Announcing GitLab Support for Visual Studio App Center

A first step to building your app is to select a source provider. As a crucial step in the build process, we are always hoping to make this as seamless as possible. To continue this mission, we are excited to announce the completion of our top feature request for the past few months - support for as a source provider!

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Exploring the Visual Studio App Center Data Roadmap

App Center Data combines the mobile focus and “magic” of App Center with the scalability and power of Microsoft’s NoSQL database service known as Cosmos DB. You can completely control your data with the confidence it will always be available.

Expanding the Visual Studio App Center Network with OneSignal

Developers can now look to OneSignal for configuring an integration with App Center Analytics. OneSignal users can choose to send their analytics events to App Center, which delivers powerful querying tools to integrate events across your app and your infrastructure, with SQL-like querying.

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Announcing MBaaS Service Retirement

We are discontinuing efforts in the Auth, Data and Push services and working to retire these preview services in App Center. With this change, we will focus App Center on delivering a world-class mobile and desktop DevOps experience.

Updates to macOS Build Agents

As apps move to build on the latest and greatest sets of build tools, we have seen a dwindling demand for building on High Sierra.

A Bite-Sized Daily Digest for Crashes in Visual Studio App Center

We’re excited to announce the launch of a daily digest for crashes in Visual Studio App Center! This bite-sized email gives you a single view of your daily activity of new crash groups.

HockeyApp is being retired

HockeyApp has officially retired.

HockeyApp Transition to Visual Studio App Center – October Update

Visual Studio App Center is still closing important feature gaps as HockeyApp is in the process of transitioning to App Center. See what we’ve been working on in October and learn more about what we’ve committed to on our roadmap.

October Updates for Visual Studio App Center’s Windows Support

This month, we’re excited to announce the General Availability support for WPF and WinForms applications, targeting both .NET Framework and .NET Core 3.

Securely Access, Visualize and Manage your Mobile App Data with Data Metrics View and Data Explorer capabilities in Visual Studio App Center

The App Center Data Explorer allows you to engage directly with and manage your data in the App Center portal. You have complete control over your Data. You can create, read, update, and delete documents directly in App Center. Previously, this was only available through the App Center Data client SDKs and the Azure portal.

HockeyApp Transition to Visual Studio App Center – September Update

Visual Studio App Center is closing important feature gaps as HockeyApp is transitioning to App Center later this year. See what we’ve been working on in September and learn more about what we’ve committed to on our road map.

Using the Android App Bundle with Visual Studio App Center

We’ve heard you loud and clear that being able to build and distribute AABs to supporting stores is important to you, and so we’re happy to announce that Visual Studio App Center supports building AABs for all supported Android platforms.

New Dark Theme Available on Visual Studio App Center

Thanks to you taking the time to request features via our Github repo, we are excited to announce that dark theme is available in App Center.