Securely Access, Visualize and Manage your Mobile App Data with Data Metrics View and Data Explorer capabilities in Visual Studio App Center

The App Center Data Explorer allows you to engage directly with and manage your data in the App Center portal. You have complete control over your Data. You can create, read, update, and delete documents directly in App Center. Previously, this was only available through the App Center Data client SDKs and the Azure portal.

Using the Android App Bundle with Visual Studio App Center

We’ve heard you loud and clear that being able to build and distribute AABs to supporting stores is important to you, and so we’re happy to announce that Visual Studio App Center supports building AABs for all supported Android platforms.

PLCrashReporter Maintainership Moving to Microsoft

We’re happy to announce that Microsoft is moving PLCrashReporter to the Microsoft organization on GitHub to continue supporting this valuable project. Of course, the licensing of PLCrashReporter won’t change and we are looking forward to continuing to support the project.