Open for Feedback: Contribute Directly to Visual Studio App Center Product Documentation

John Wargo [MSFT]

To ensure Visual Studio App Center is as easy as possible to use, we’ve created a more direct feedback channel for building and publishing product documentation based on the great feedback we receive from you, our users. Open sourcing our product documentation is a natural extension of our App Center philosophy, which is open API, open source SDKs, and an open source CLI. Our public document repository also enables us to integrate with a feedback system based on GitHub issues.

Visual Studio App Center documentation open sourced

Providing Feedback

If you have product feedback or questions for us, including how to use or configure an App Center capability, click the Give product feedback button. You’ll be taken to the App Center Help Center page, where you can click the chat icon in the lower right corner of the page to provide feedback or ask questions.   Visual Studio App Center Docs Open Sourced   Our team of dedicated support engineers will answer your question as quickly as possible. In many cases, your feedback triggers our product team to make an update to the docs, further clarifying the material to help future readers. With feedback or product feature suggestions, the support team passes information to the product’s Program Managers for their review, helping us deliver a better product for you and all our customers

If something isn’t clear in the docs, or you think the docs need additional content or an adjustment to increase the page’s usefulness, click Sign in to give documentation feedback. You’ll be asked to log in using your GitHub account, where you’ll be able to add your comments to the particular docs page you’re viewing. When you submit your comment, we’ll review it, respond, and, if needed, make an update to the docs.

Be Part of the Process

App Center docs publish through a public GitHub repository so that you can make updates to the docs yourself as well. If you’ve worked through a process in App Center and want to update the docs to clarify something based on what you learned, simply fork the repo, make your changes, and submit them to us through the Pull Request process. We’ll review your proposed changes and merge them in if appropriate.

TL;DR: Ways to Get Help with App Center

In the App Center dashboard, click the chat icon in the lower right corner of the page. This connects you with a dedicated support team waiting to answer your questions. You can also access this chat feature through the App Center Help Center.

Through the App Center docs, you have access to detailed information about how to use every feature of the product, our SDK, and our APIs.

The App Center Help Center hosts a multitude of tips, tricks, and tidbits to help you make better use of App Center.

As you can see, you’ve got many resources and feedback options for App Center. We invite you to use the feedback process to let us know when you see areas of improvement and help us deliver a better product.     Get started now button    

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