Microsoft and GitHub Present: A Solution for Mobile CI

Visual Studio App Center

Microsoft and GitHub are continuing to empower developers with great tools so they can ship high-quality apps faster and with greater confidence. The new Visual Studio App Center app in the GitHub Marketplace provides mobile developers with a powerful Continuous Integration (CI) experience tailored for GitHub users. With a CI solution at their fingertips, iOS, Android, Xamarin, and React Native developers with code on GitHub can automate their Build-Test-Distribute process for their apps.

Your Mobile Projects with App Center and GitHub

With this integration, developers building iOS, Android, Xamarin, and React Native apps with mobile repositories on GitHub can install the App Center GitHub app from the GitHub Marketplace. Connect your GitHub account to App Center with just a few clicks and start building your code. GitHub will notify you when it detects you have a mobile project, so you can enable CI on the repository and start automating your process.     Let App Center help you build your apps with ease and confidence, so you can ship better apps.

Getting Started: Connect to App Center from GitHub

Connecting your GitHub account to App Center is quick and easy, so you can start building your app in no time. First, open a PR in a repository with a mobile app. Opening a PR will show you a notification to install the App Center GitHub app from the GitHub Marketplace.     Hit install, authorize the app, and start creating your app in App Center! App Center will walk you through selecting your repo and the simple steps of creating your app.       Now that your app is created, configure your build and tell us exactly what you want your build process to look like—you can edit this at any time. All set? Kick off a build and watch App Center work its magic. App Center will report back to your GitHub PR on the build status so you can confidently merge code that works.    

What’s Next? Take Advantage of Everything App Center Offers

You’ve connected GitHub to App Center and automated your builds! This is just the beginning when it comes to automating a great CI/CD process for your mobile apps. With App Center, you can create distribution groups and get your apps into the hands of your testers as part of your automated build process. You can also publish your apps directly to app stores. With a few lines of code, you can integrate the App Center SDK into your app to put powerful performance monitoring to work. You’ll find it much easier to refine your app and continue to build a great product when you can leverage real-time crash reports with detailed stack traces, advanced analytics, and usage data. App Center offers a generous free tier that includes access to all these services. As your needs grow, upgrade to a paid tier for additional build concurrencies and the ability to test apps on thousands of real devices.

Install the App Center GitHub app now and start building better apps today!   Get started now button    

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