Xamarin User Groups, Everywhere

Joseph Hill

September is that special time of year, when developers begin to experience a longing for camaraderie, and start seeking out peers with whom they’d like to share their experiences, explore new topics, and if the mood is right, pair-program.

If you haven’t had a chance to meet your neighborhood Xamarin developers in person yet, Xamarin user groups provide a perfect venue for connecting with like-minded developers and local experts.  Here is just a sampling of Xamarin user groups meeting this month:

  • Boston, MA – “Backgrounding/Multitasking in Mobile”, Nina Vyedin (Xamarin) – September 5
  • Dallas, TX – “Cross Platform Mobile Development with C#”, Jason Awbrey (Xamarin MVP) – September 11
  • New York, NY – “The Top Reasons You Need to Learn about Data in Your Windows Phone App”, Chris Woodruff – September 16
  • Nashville, TN – “Meet Julia (Peace Corps Thailand), Demos, Parse, and More” – September 16
  • San Francisco, CA – “Talk Xamarin v2, Studio, iOS, and Component Store”, Craig Dunn (Xamarin)  September 19
  • Detroit, MI – “Four platforms, One Codebase with MvvmCross” Robert Gibbens – September 23
  • Jacksonville, FL – “X-Platform Native Apps in C# and .NET”, Mark J Radacz, MCTS – September 24

Many more user groups discussing Xamarin topics can be found on xamarin.meetup.com.  If you’re interested in cultivating your local community, consider starting your own Xamarin user group.  We’re here to help!  Visit our Speaking and Events Forums to find speaker resources, along with source materials and slides from your peers’ events.  You can announce your next user group date while you’re there, or send us an email and we’ll help get the word out.

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