Mobile Leaders Podcast | Understanding the Uniqueness of Mobile DevOps with Roy Cornelissen, Xpirit

Anusha Sethuraman

roy-cornelissenThis is the second episode in our Mobile Leaders podcast series, focused on helping you achieve success with your mobile initiatives faster through different perspectives and experiences from industry analysts, veterans, and mobile leaders from large and small organizations.

In today’s episode, join Steve Hall and I as we discuss the hot topic of Mobile DevOps along with special guest Roy Cornelissen. Roy leads the mobile competence at Xpirit, a consulting company focused on Cloud, Mobile, and Application Lifecycle Management based in Netherlands.

DevOps for mobile apps is unique and more challenging than for web. Device fragmentation, with hundreds of combinations of devices, operating systems, and screen sizes in play, makes it hard to ensure that your apps look, behave, and perform well for all users. Most teams think about getting apps to market and fail to consider the time and costs of maintaining apps and users.

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